A Floating Hearts Photo Booth Backdrop

It’s almost Valentines Day!
In honor of that, I’ve decided to try to jump start the barely beating heart of this blog (see what I did there? ¬†Gosh, I’m witty) and repost some old content for the holiday.
I have some lighthearted and fun posts, and some heavier but heart warming posts on what real love looks like.
I hope it will be a good balance.
We’re starting with the fun stuff.
And let me tell you, it doesn’t get much more fun than a floating heart photo booth!562979_4904182715837_1229022705_n

For the past 3 or 4 years, the kids and I have hosted a Valentines Day party for our home school group friends.
It is a whole lot of kids running around our back yard, its a whole lot of sweet Valentines being given to little friends, its pink donut holes, pink lemonade, and its a whole lot of photo booth pics.
Its really one of my favorite parties of the year.555937_4904179915767_1082180333_n
I will never claim to be a crafty person, and this will never be a crafty blog.
Most Pinterest crafts I try are a failure.
I wish it wasn’t so, but it is.
I’ve learned to embrace my strengths, and not worry too much about the things I don’t do as well.
Occasionally though, I manage to make something that turns out pretty good, or, dare I say, great.
That’s only because my husband steps in and helps me figure out where I am going wrong.
He is beyond crafty–he’s an artist and can pretty much make anything turn out amazing.
That’s what happened here.
With his help, this floating heart photo booth backdrop turned out better than I hoped it would.
It was adorable.

Besides not being crafty, I am also a last minute party planner.
I’m talking, stay up until 2 am the night before the party to finish the project that I decided to start at 10.
I have the ideas in my head for ages, but I just don’t get around to starting them until the last minute.
That is what happened here.
Therefore I have no pictures of the steps it took to make these floating hearts.
I don’t have a supply list.
I don’t have anything but these pictures of the finished product to inspire you to make your own floating hearts.427236_4904181075796_1866736852_n
Oh, and I do have the link to the tutorial I used.
Because you know I didn’t figure out how to do this myself.
There is some math involved.
But you can do it.
And it will be adorable.
Go visit Hank and Hunt Party Crafts for one of the sweetest Valentines crafts you ever did see.377714_4904178515732_697038454_n

Will you just look at my kids a year ago?
Time is racing past.
It’s a good reminder to make sure to stop and do something really fun and frivolous like this now and then.
It is totally worth the effort and lost sleep.
I’ll cherish these photos for the rest of my days.

And if you can’t manage to get this done for Valentines Day, don’t fret.
This would be pretty perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, or even next year’s Valentines Day party.
I have no problem with planning ahead.
Of course, I’d still be up the night before actually doing the work, but it would have been all planned out in my head for ages.

If this is your first time stopping by this little blog space, thanks!
I’m hopeful I’ll be back with another post soon.
Do check in and keep me accountable.
Happy Valentines Day!
All the best,
Ma Modern
(but you can also call me Greta)


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