Adventure Is Out There! Pioneer Town, California

We love to start the New Year with an adventure.
This year that took us to the desert.
It was a beautiful day for exploring–sunny, clear, and crisp.
We started at Pioneer Town.
We’d never been, but from what I’d read, it sounded like a fun place to visit.
It was.
Kind of bizarre, but definitely fun too.


Taken from the plaque in front of the Pioneer Town Post Office:
“Pioneer Town was founded in 1946 by a group of Hollywood personalities led by cowboy actors Dick Curtis and RussellHayden as a permanent 1880s town for filming western movies.”
Roy Rogers broke ground on the first building, and in time over 200 movies were filmed in Pioneer Town. Main street and some of its buildings have been declared historical resources by the CA department of parks and rec.
And this post office is said to be the most photographed post office in the United States.
Its still an operational post office too!

Besides the post office the town has some other active shops too. Like the general store, where I found a darling pair of vintage cowboy boots (my first pair!) and the kids found coyote jaw bones for sale. There is a pottery store, and a used book…store.  Its worth a peep inside. There is also  a very busy and popular restaurant, Pappy and Harriet’s. It is definitely worth a visit!

There are also plenty of fun spots that are just for looking at.
Or for taking pictures.

And while you’re walking down Main Street, you might just run into Cowboy Lou.
He’s a real life cowboy who will stop and chat with you, let your kids pet his beautiful horse, Running Bear, and then even invite you to his house if you ever come back to Pioneer Town.
He was the sweetest guy.

But more than anything, I think Pioneer Town is best just for wandering.
There are beautiful views, and lots of random things to see and wonder about.
We had a great time.

And don’t forget to stop and take in the views on the way out.
You’ll feel like you are leaving Big Thunder Mountain.
In fact, the whole place is kind of like a wacky Frontier Land.
It’s a fun spot.
If you want to visit, Pioneer Town is just off of Route 62, about 20 minutes away from Joshua Tree.
You never know exactly when things are open, but Pappy and Harriet’s does have listed hours on their website.

And after you visit Pioneer Town, you can head to Joshua Tree.
That’s what we did.
Those pics will be up next.

Adventure is out there!

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