Gorgeous Bathrooms Awesome

Gorgeous Bathrooms – The bathroom space has been an environment of special interest for architects as for interior decorators, specialized in the design of bathrooms, both from the point of view of style and the use of materials, to achieve more aesthetic and practical mixtures. Decorating your bathroom in yellow is a great alternative to […]

Bathroom Tower with Hamper Black

Bathroom tower with hamper – This idea is perfect for small hand towels . You only need about 10 cm of narrow tape and a sewing machine (or, failing that, thread and needle). At one end of the towel, sew a ribbon of the color you like the most and that’s it! A simple idea […]

Beautiful Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms – Details that count change the look of a small bathroom. If you have an eye for color and can see things in detail, you should be able to take a small bathroom and create something, if not bigger then much nicer. Placement of Fixtures This is an […]