Greta Reads: Best Board Books for Baby

bb-8Hello, my name is Greta, and I am a book lover.
I have more books than I have shelf space for.
I get heart palpitations when I see a used book sale.
My first job was at the library.
In 4th grade.
When someone offers me free books, it is impossible for me to say no, even though I probably won’t keep half of is a little out of control.
But so much fun!
Of all the books I collect, children’s books, especially vintage children’s books, are my favorites.
I have a growing list of illustrators and authors that I adore and collect.
Whenever I find one, it is a big thrill.
It usually involves a squeal.
And maybe a jump and a fist’d love to share my favorites with you in this Good Books series.
We’ll start with board books.
After 4 kids, we have accrued quite a collection of board books.
There are some board books that every child should have in his collection: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Good Night Moon, and Pat the Bunny.
These are some others that you might not be familiar with and that are our like to give books for baby gifts.
My babies always got more clothes than they could ever wear.
Especially since there were outfits that became my favorites, the soft and comfy ones that I knew they felt good in.
I always felt terribly guilty for the other outfits that were only worn once, or maybe never.
But I never got enough books.
Or diapers.
But books are way more fun than diapers.
bb-5Books are just such a great gift.
They can be read over and over again.
They can be passed down from one baby to the next.
And then, when the books are outgrown, they can be saved for grandkids.
My older kids were so excited when I brought out the board books after Davy was born.
“I remember this one!”
“Oh this one was my favorite!”
You read these books so many times that they become a real part of your baby’s, I love the idea of starting a child’s library.
It is hard to find vintage board books because they are often pretty well worn.
But some vintage board books have been reintroduced, like several of the ones I am sharing here.
Here is the list, from top to bottom:

1.  I Am A Bunny, by Richard Scary.–You can get this darling, vintage book for only $1.99!  It is one of our most favorites.
2. Counting With Wayne Thiebaud–Chronicle Books.  This is a nice break from counting primary colored shapes or farm animals.  Available here.
3.  The Toolbox by Anne Rockwell.  This sweet book is perfect for my little builders.  Find it here.
4.  The Little Train and The Little Fire Engine by Lois Lenski.  These books are part of the Papa Small series and they are a perennial favorite with my boys and my girl.  Be sure to check out The Little Airplane, Cowboy Small, and Papa Small.  They are all available  Andy Warhol’s Colors is probably my favorite color book besides Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  The illustrations are beautiful, the text is fun and rhyming cadence is not annoying.  My kids love this book.  Find it here.
7.  Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers is one of the best board books ever.  I love the way it follows the baby’s first year.  The first time I read it, shortly after my first baby;s first year, I cried.
It so  perfectly summed up that magical first year of baby’s life.
You should get this one for every new Mommy you know.
Find it here.
bb-78.  What Animals Do, by Richard Scary.  We are big RIchard Scary fans around here.  The illustrations in this animal book are great.  I also like the extra large size of this one.  It is a Golden Book too.  You just can’t miss with this one.
This book has not been re-released.  So you either have to pay big bucks for an unused, vintage copy, or go with used, vintage.
Find it here.

Some notes on buying used books.
I buy used, vintage books constantly.
In fact, that is almost all I buy.
I seldom buy new books anymore because buying vintage is so much more affordable, and I often like the books much better.
Amazon is actually a great place to purchase used books if you are looking for a specific one.
I also like the website Abebooks.
I never miss the children’s book section at a thrift store or a garage sale.
And when you see a sign for a library having a used book sale, you must stop immediately.
Those are where I have found some of my favorite treasures.
I am not grossed out by used books.
After all, I get library books all the time.
But if you are concerned about the germ factor, board books are really easy to clean.
Just wipe the book down and it’s germ free–that is the beauty of board books.
Give vintage books a chance, and you might just fall in love like I have.

So tell me, what are your favorite board books, vintage or otherwise?
I always like to add to my list.
Happy reading, friends!













3 thoughts on “Greta Reads: Best Board Books for Baby

  1. Louisa

    LOVE THIS POST! I just bought nearly all of these on amazon used for .01 per book (plus $3.99 shipping ea). Such a great deal, and the old classic books are way better than the ones that are out these days. 🙂

  2. Tracey

    Awww…Lois Lensky! I was introduced to her awesome stories and illustrations by my boyfriend (now my hubs of 23 years). We were both college design students, no kids yet. Still have the Mr. Small compilation on our shelf, but it’s sadly falling apart! I’m gonna hit up Amazon pronto!

  3. stacey

    i’m sorry, did you just crawl inside my head and verbalize my house full of books {in. every. room. including the bathroom} and every feeling i have towards books and children’s books in particular? yes, yes, i think you did! awe.some. xo * stac


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