Hello From Ma and Pa!



Welcome to Ma and Pa Modern.

I’m Greta, married to Aaron, and we’re Ma and Pa.


And this is our crew.


After trying for several years to maintain two separate blogs, each chronicling all the things I love , while also being a mother to my 4 children, home schooling them, spending time with my husband on occasion, exploring the world, working out, fighting the cobwebs that multiply in the corners of every room in my house, cooking home made meals, and sometimes, sleeping, I gave up on blogging.

But I’ve missed it.

So I decided to start again.

I’ve dreamt of this blog for years.

I imagined it being one place where all the different parts that make up this life of ours would come together.
I imagined it being a colorful, happy, thoughtful, inspiring, and real space.

It would be a life style blog.

Probably not like any other life style blog out there, but that didn’t  matter to me.

It would be our life style.

And so, here it is.

Ma and Pa Modern–it’s all about enjoying this little life of ours.


It’s about living life as Ma and Pa to our 4 kids, and raising them smack dab in the middle of the original, southern California suburbia.


It’s about our love for mid century modern design, and vintage everything.


It’s about home schooling.


It’s about hiking new trails with 4 kids and lots of snacks.


It’s about color, and cuckoo clocks, and sharing my husband’s paintings.


It’s about building a life rich in adventure.


It’s making things from scratch: food, parties, and art.


It’s all times we pull over to take pictures of vintage signs, and the new places we discover on our once a month date night.


It’s about creativity, and fun.


It’s the good times, the hard times, and the growing times that make up our life together as parents, spouses, and human beings.


It’s about learning every day from all sorts of amazing, living books, and having the whole, wide world as our classroom.


It’s about loving my people the best that I know how and giving them the most beautiful life I know how.


Ma and Pa is about all the things I love, thrown together into one fun spot.
After all, my roles as a wife, mom, and teacher aren’t separated from my love of thrifting, Eames design, and exploring.  I’m all wrapped up into one amazing package.  Or something like that.


Chances are you’ll find something that you’ll be interested in.
If not, I’ll be here blogging anyway.

Because I have 4 kids and I don’t get much sleep, so if I don’t write this stuff down, I’m not going to remember any of it tomorrow.

I hope I’ll see you here again soon.

And if you like us, please do share us with your friends.


We’ll jump for joy if you do.

All the best,

Ma and Pa




11 thoughts on “Hello From Ma and Pa!

  1. Lisa

    A far cry from Ma and Pa Kettle I must say!! Love the new look and glad you’re back with your writing! We’ve missed you…and yeah, you are a fabulous package!

  2. Swenja

    Greta, congratulations! This space is so modern and amazing and so you. Wishing you lots of cleaned up kitchens, sleeping kids, folded laundry and therefore chances to write. Because I can’t wait to read more.

  3. Betsi*

    Yay! I’m so excited to see this new venture unfold! I’m a fan of all things Greta and Aaron! 😉 Love to you, Greta girl.

  4. Leah

    Hi! Just started following you on Instagram and checked out your blog! Looks so fun! 🙂 Can’t wait to follow along on your journey!!

  5. Angie

    I just found your blog from a friend of mine who recommended following you. I am a new homeschooling mama with four kiddos myself. I’m super excited to follow your blog and see how you do life! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  6. Amber Gunsalus

    Hi Greta, this is Amber (co-worker of Aaron’s from Lakeshore). We’ve only met a handful of times, but you have inspired me with your last blogs and your FB posts, I look forward to reading more and seeing your great photography!

    I strive to live more simply and you are a great representation of that.

    And because your eyes are always looking for cool vintage, and I see you have hung out at The Camp…
    I am trying to find a small trailer (like the smaller at The Camp, not the succulent shop) to put in my backyard for my workshop…if ever you come across anything like this or know of a place I might look, I would be most grateful to know! It doesn’t even have to be in great shape, as we could cut off the front and build the back or fix it up to work for my needs, as it won’t be pulled by a car.

    If I could rent the small one out and work at The Camp I would…but there is already a succulent business there and that is what I would be selling…succulent letterforms.

    Anyhow, I was prompted to drop this note to you and look forward to your families adventures to come. 🙂

    grace to you,
    Amber Gunsalus

  7. kristie

    so happy to have found you: inspiring mother, artist, happy-person and hard-worker! i am a mama to a 3YO love bug and 13MO twins – also in SoCal, in the topanga canyon. xo!

  8. Tiffany

    I just read through your blog. And may I just say – I’m glad you’re blogging. :o)

    The colors are pretty and the words are good. Found you on instagram through Wild and Free.

    Thanks for sharing your love of books and adventures. I need to embrace adventures more – I tend to be a stick in the mud!



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