I Like Eich by Aaron Eskridge

A couple of years ago Aaron painted a painting inspired by his love of Joseph Eichler’s architectural style. He took it to Just Modern in Palm Springs, the store there that carries his art, even though there were no Eichlers in Palm Springs.
Since Palm Springs is such a bastion for mid century modern design, Aaron’s hope was that an owner of an Eichler might make thier way into Just Modern, see his painting, and put it in their house.
Turns out, something even better happened.

Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 11.54.26 PM

Just this month, KUD Properties finished the very first Eichler built in 40 years.
In Palm Spring!
And working with Just Modern, they hung Aaron’s painting inside!
It was a dream come true for Aaron.

To make things more exciting, the house sold right away and has been receiving all sorts of great press.
The above photo, by Marc Baldwin, is from an article in Curbed National.
The house was in the LA Times over the weekend.
(Lots of great pictures of the house in both articles)
And pictures of it are buzzing around all over the world wide webs.
In all of them, Aaron’s I Like Eich is featured prominently.
Its just been a dream!

This weekend while we were in Palm Springs we had the privilege of meeting the owners of KUD properties, Troy and Amy.
They invited us to the Desert Eichler and we got to see it ourselves for the first time.
Aaron felt right at home.


The builders of the house, Shields Residential, were there too.
It was great to meet Steven and Lauren, and their cute kids, who have been playing at the job site with their Daddy for the past 5 months.
We also met blogger Kelly Go Lightly and Fred Moser Photography, whose beautiful photos grace the home of the Desert Eicher. (and the New York Times!)
It was a great night of making new friends and feeling the energy of so many creative people in one place.

This has been a great month for Aaron.
First 2 of his paintings were in Dwell Magazine. (read article here.  Aaron’s paintings are #8 in the slide show.)
And as if Dwell wasn’t enough, now we have all of this.
Aaron has always held to the philosophy of painting the things that he loves.
Whether its a big, cut out swordfish in our living room, a vintage trailer, or a giant painting inspired by the Wonder Bread logo, he paints the things that inspire him and make him happy.
It is so gratifying to see that his work is making other people happy too.

So many thanks to Chris Mobley of Just Modern for representing Aaron’s work, and to KUD Properties for putting I Like Eich in your beautiful home.
It’s just so fun to see Aaron’s dreams become reality.

For those of you that have asked and are interested, Aaron is beginning work on more Eichler inspired paintings, as well as developing prints.
You can contact Just Modern for more info, as well as to learn more about Aaron’s other work.
You can also check back here for more info as it comes up.
And for even more frequent updates on Aaron’s work, follow along on my Instagram account.
I am @maandpamodern.
I’ll see you there!

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