Ma and Pa Modern’s House Tour

Our home was recently featured on the HOUZZ website as one of their home tours.
It was a lot of fun to go through our house, room by room, and think about the furniture, knick knacks, and art in there, and the stories behind them all.
We have a few decorating philosophies, and one of them is that our home, and the things in it, should tell a story.
After our home tour was published, there were many warm and kind comments made about our home and decorating style.
But you can’t please everyone, and this was the case in our home tour.
The one thing that really bothered people was the deer head.
Boy of boy, did some people dislike our dear deer.
Apparently, it freaked them out.
It did make me laugh because they don’t know that we didn’t hunt our deer–he isn’t our trophy.
Instead, we got him because we think he is beautiful, and we wanted to admire him, like we do the other taxidermy in the Natural History Museum.
Plus, we’re big Wes Anderson fans and this just seems to be in line with his aesthetic.
Imagine what they’d say if they knew I want a moose head next…….
Besides, we don’t really worry too much about what everyone else thinks when it comes to our home.
We have turquoise countertops, a cutout swordfish in the living room, and paintings of trailers on the walls.
That is another one of our decorating philosophies, we only fill our house with things we love.


Anyway, I’m not new to people being unhappy about something in our home.
A few years ago, our kids’ bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy.
We had the 3 big kids in one room, and as soon as Davy was a bit older, we planned to put him in there too.
There were some people up in arms that we had 3, and soon to be 4, kids in 1 room!
I laughed it off, because I think kids sharing a room is one of the best ideas around.
But that’s a post for another day.
(You can find the room tour here if you are interested)

If you missed our home tour, go ahead and check it out on HOUZZ right here.
And you don’t even have to pretend to like the deer head if you don’t want to.
We can take it.
All the best,
Ma and Pa

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