Adventure Is Out There! Los Angeles Maritime Museum

It seems our dry Southern California weather might be taking a sabbatical, and El Nino will be brining us a wet winter.
Or at least that is what we’re hoping for.

The rain is wonderful and much needed, but it does have an impact on the weekly field trips we take with our Adventure Club.
The majority of our weekly field trips are outdoors–usually hikes.
And while we are pretty adventurous, hiking in pouring down rain isn’t our favorite.
Even it if was, most trails are closed when it rains.

So that leaves us looking for alternatives.
In anticipation of a rainy winter, I’ve been busy making a list of rainy day field trip spots.
Its good to have ideas beyond our oft-visited, favorite museums.
We all like the variety.

As per my kids request, the first place on the rainy day field trip list was the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.
Aaron first took our kids there years ago and they’ve loved it ever since.
We haven’t been in a couple years though, and were excited to see the great additions they’ve made.
Now we like the museum even more!

Outside the museum are some fun pieces to explore: this boat, a giant propellor, a diving bell, and some military artifacts as well.
My kids always enjoy checking them out.

Once inside, there are different ways to explore the museum.
If you explore on your own, your kids will be given a “treasure hunt” to help them learn more about the museum exhibits.
When they finish, they will receive a small prize.
My kids love doing this activity.
Or, you can arrange for a tour for your small group.
When we went, we didn’t even arrange for a tour in advance.
But since our group was the only one there and they had a docent available, they gave us a tour on the spot.
Isn’t that nice?
The tours are fabulous and I recommend them.

There is so much to see in the museum!
Like this huge model of the beautiful Queen Mary (this one was used in the movie The Poseidon Adventure).
To beautiful displays of sailor made art.
And lovely ladies who graced ships that sailed the seas.
There are models big and small to study.
If you have any kids who love the intricate details of models like some of mine do, then they’ll love this museum!
And besides the models, there is a wide variety or maritime artifacts to discover.
We even met a gentleman from the United Radio Amateur Club who taught us a bit about morse code.
New to us was the children’s section of the museum.
It is full of costumes to try on, a row boat full of books to read, and a variety of wooden harbor themed toys to play with.
This part of the museum was a huge hit with the kids.
Did I mention we were the only ones there?

If you live anywhere in the LA area, I highly recommend a visit!
The museum is open Tues -Sunday.
Adults are $3 and children are free.
Parking is free.

If you are interested in finding more great field trip ideas, check out my Instagram account and the hashtags:  #hsadventureclub or #maandpamodernhike.
And if you have favorite spots you visit in the LA/Orange County/San Diego area, I’d love to hear about them.
Remember, the world is our classroom!

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