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I’ve started a new feature on my Instagram acoount. (@maandpamodern)
It’s called My Daily Vintage, and it’s a place for me to share my love of vintage everyday.
Sometimes it’s just items from our home–since it’s full of vintage–but it is also vintage signs, architecture, design, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Besides sharing the image, I might share a story, interesting facts, or some of the history related to it.
I throughly enjoy learning more about the vintage I love, and this seems like a fun way to share it with the, hopefully more than a few, of you who enjoy it too.
If nothing else, it is a way to entertain myself and grow my mind.
That can’t be a bad thing.

I’ve been encouraged to come back to blogging (thank you kind friends who have encouraged me!) and not simply “micro blog” on Instagram.
Apparently not everyone is on IG.
Oh yeah, I wasn’t on there just 6 months ago.
So, I’ve decided to start up with this feature here on the blog too.
Sometimes it will just be the same content that was on the Instagram post (which probably violates some kind of blogging protocol, but I don’t really care) but other times it will contain expanded information, like this post does.
All this is to say, here’s the new feature on IG and here on the blog, I hope you like it, and I hope you’ll follow along!
Now, here we go.

Today’s Your Daily Vintage was inspired by this photo:photoMy good friend Rachel, sent it to me in a little care package, knowing I would love it and be entranced by the history behind it.
She was right.
It’s a photo from the building of Wayfarer’s Chapel on Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Wayfarers Chape was the dream of a Mrs. Schellenburg.
She “dreamed of a little chapel on a hillside above the Pacific ocean, where wayfarers could stop to rest, meditate and give thanks to God for the wonder and beauty of creation.”
I like her.
The chapel was designed by Lloyd Wright, son of the famous Frank.
Mr. Wright’s design was inspired by a Northern California trip to the redwoods.
Looking up at the beautiful, arching branches above his head, he was reminded of a cathedral.
His design also reflects one of the mid century modern design elements I love best: letting light and nature in.
The chapel is constructed largely of glass, directing eyes to the sky overhead, as well as to the branches of the redwood trees that now tower above it.
It is awash in light, and is peaceful and utterly beautiful.


One of my favorite parts about home schooling is all the “extras” I get to add into my kids’ education.
Not surprisingly, I add in a lot of the liberal arts: art history, literature, architecture, poetry, and design, to name a few.
That’s why we stopped to visit Wayfarer’s Chapel yesterday, when we were right near it to go tide pooling.
Our favorite tide pooling spot, Abalone Cove, is right down the hill from the Chapel, and every time we’re at the cove, I long to visit the chapel.
We managed to have enough time yesterday for a quick visit, and a brief talk about mid century modern architecture, design, and one of America’s most famous architects.
It was a beautiful addition to our day.
photo 1Here they are, getting their first glimpse of the chapel.
True to form, William and Lilly are speechless and just taking it in.
James on the other hand, is taking it in by telling me about everything he’s seeing.
They were all taken in by the architecture–unlike any building they’d been in 3We weren’t in there for a terribly long time, but long enough to admire, appreciate, discuss, and spend a lot of time looking up.
I felt very comfortable taking my 4 kids inside to look around.
They were respectful and quiet of course, but I’ve been to places where I’m still made to feel less than welcome with 4 young kids.
It was nice that this wasn’t the case at Wayfarers Chapel.
photo 2After taking in the chapel, we explored the grounds.
The views beg to be enjoyed.
The chapel sits in a beautiful spot.
If you aren’t there with 4 little ones, there are lots of benches scattered about for spending time in quiet reflection, reading, or just basking in the glorious ocean views.
Just like Mrs. Schellenberg dreamed it would 2There were a few other visitors at the chapel besides us.
None of them seemed bothered by us.
In fact, one elderly couple smiled at us all as we trooped past them.
The gentleman stopped me for a moment and said, “my, aren’t you the lucky one!”photo 1Yes, I am.
Lucky I get to share my love for beautiful things and places with these little people, lucky to be their teacher, lucky that they are always up for an adventure, and luckiest of all to be their Mama.
I don’t take it for granted.
I’m so grateful.
I think that’s just how Mrs. Schellenburg would have wanted me to 3

If you are anywhere near Palos Verdes, this place warrants a visit.
It doesn’t have to be a long stop, but even a short stop will be worth it.
Wayfarers Chapel Info:
5755 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Open daily 9-5
For more info, visit the website here

And after you visit the chapel, you can head down to Abalone Cove for great tide pooling and a beautiful beach.
Pictures of our time there up next.

Cheers to vintage!






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